Do you have any of these on your credit report?
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Chargeoffs
  • Foreclosures
  • Tax liens
  • Late payments
  • Repos
  • Inaccurate information

  • The KIND of negative items on your report doesn't matter.
    The Credit Educational Series works on them all!



    * Timeline to complete a dispute - Every single case is unique. Every case will eventually attain the same average or better, however we have to follow the FCRA and the FCRA law.

    1. A Client receives an application from an agent or is directed to a website to purchase the Credit System, Debt Management & Budgeting ebook. At the back of the ebook is a certificate entitling you to the FREE Credit Disputing Process.

    2. You will forward a copy of your certificate and a copy of your credit report or you can request from our office a FREE credit report and we will analyze the report and draft the appropriate letters for each bureau.

    3. Only 22 negative items can be disputed at any one time ( per bureau ). Up to 22 of those derogatory accounts are documented on dispute letters addressed to all 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian & Trans Union).

    4. The dispute letters are forwarded to you via email, or general mail delivery, if no email is available, with a Welcome Letter and Instruction Letter attached. The Welcome Letter also includes a license code ( password ) to access our proprietary EBOOK covering the 65 part educational series developed to teach you the rules of credit reporting and how to attain credit scores into the 800's. You may have already obtained the password from your referring agent but this is for safe-keeping.

    5. The client then checks the personal information on the dispute letters, signs each of them, includes 2 forms of identification with each letter and mails them out to the credit bureaus. A signature required is usually sufficient for proof of delivery to each of the credit bureaus.

    6. 17-21 days after sending out the initial dispute letters - each credit bureau will begin sending you form letters or even a copy of your credit report. These letters are intended to be what is called an "acknowledgement" letter simply notifying you that your case is under investigation. If you still see the negative items listed on a generic letter from the credit bureau do NOT assume that the dispute is over or the credit bureaus have completed the investigation this is customary.

    7. 17-21 days after receiving your first responses ( acknowledgements ) - you will begin receiving the Results of Investigation, Investigation Results or Outcome of Investigation (each bureau calls it something different) WE NEED THAT CORRESPONDENCE as quickly as possible.

    8. ANY time the client receives correspondence from ANY of the credit bureaus they are instructed to immediately forward that information to our Processing Center. We instruct the client to let us analyze the results and respond on their behalf to EVERY request. We have a proven system of proprietary responses that force the credit bureaus to remain focused on Section 609 of the FCRA, the law we are disputing. They would gladly take your mind off the fact that NO verifiable proof accompanied the RESULTS just received!

    9. If anything remains unchanged we simply re-address section 609 in a follow up dispute letter and force a re-investigation to take place!

    10. If 60 days EVER goes by without a response we must know immediately from the client so we may address a DELAY of Investigation letter to that credit bureau failing to respond.

    11. We have become experts at researching & analyzing credit report. We know the reason coding system ( factor codes ) used to calculate credit scores. We know how to maximize your credit scores all on an individual case by case basis. We can teach you how to attain a positive account on your credit report as a trade line in 60 days or less, how many of what types of accounts do you need for the highest score, do my open credit card accounts that I pay off monthly hurt or help me? What is an authorized User? All of the answers to these questions are included in our EBOOK - the 65 Part Educational Series.

    We have an email-based customer service that virtually allows us to communicate with hundreds of clients simultaneously.

    If you do not have email access simply leave a message on our messaging system and we will address your questions with a general mail delivery response. We save everything as a physical record for your file.


    The Section 609 System

    How does it work?

    The Section 609 Credit Restoration System focuses on reporting errors. All other "credit repair" companies focus on trying to correct inaccuracies on your report.

    Although 70% - 90% of credit reports have errors on them, the vast majority of negative items on a typical credit report are valid in fact. Therefore, if you simply dispute all the negatives on your report, those that are valid will most likely be verified by the credit reporting agencies and remain.

    With the Section 609 Credit Restoration System, it doesn't matter whether the negative is valid or not. The Section 609 system works equally well on all negatives because it disputes the credit reporting agencies' right to report the negative, not whether it is valid. Since none of the 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Transunion) are in compliance with Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they must remove all the negatives from your report - ALL OF THEM!

    Every other "credit repair" company out there uses the dispute process allowed under FCRA to attempt to repair your credit.

    There are four major problems with this approach to credit repair:

    1. Accurate information is easily verified by credit reporting agencies.

    2. You are perjuring yourself by initiating the investigation and swearing the items are not yours.

    3. Even if a negative item were to come off one of your reports, it will most likely remain on the other two.

    4. You can do this yourself for free.

    By disputing the accuracy of items on your credit report you are essentially playing the slots - you are hoping that all three credit bureaus are unable to complete their investigation within the time allowed.

    The odds of 3 cherries in a row - across all three bureaus - is nearly impossible! The odds of getting this result with all of the negatives on your report is nearly impossible!

    However, with the Section 609 Credit Restoration System the game is rigged in your favor. You will eventually hit the jackpot every time because the system is based on the letter-of-the-law.

    Our process is very simple:

    Once you have purchased the ebook and are ready for the Credit Disputing Assistance this is what you will do.

    We are disputing reporting law - not whether or not an account is yours but whether or not the credit bureaus have that "verifiable proof" they are required by law to have on that account. So this is NEVER about what type of negative we challenge. Under the FCRA the credit bureaus need to provide you a copy of verifiable documentation if it is requested by you the consumer.

    We simply have a right to receive a copy of the Original Creditors Documentation. When we request that same verifiable proof from the creditor. They usually comply very quickly and will oftentimes fax or mail you a copy of your account application/history within 24 hours.

    Here is what we find VERY interesting! We have now assisted over 100,000 clients since 1999 without a failure! We have NEVER RECEIVED a single copy of verifiable proof on a single client account! They do not have them on file! All credit bureau reporting is done electronically via email or fax. But that is NOT what the law says must be done.


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